Case Study: Chazen Museum of Art

In May of 2014, Reynolds Transfer’s Machinery Moving division installed two pieces of artwork, by the artist Jim Dine, at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison, Wisconsin. The bulkier “plow” consists of a large skull resting on a steel frame, with a footprint of approximately 7’ by 14’.  Although relatively sturdy, it was handled with great caution and care to protect both the art and the recently updated museum interior.

The same artist generously donated the “ancient fishing” cast-bronze sculpture to the Chazen. In a matter of weeks, a concrete pad was constructed at the entrance to the Chazen to permanently house the donation. Given the unique center of gravity - a large skull resting on a delicate base and weighing 1,500 pounds - a creative rigging solution was devised by Reynolds Transfer in order to properly and carefully place the sculpture.

See more photos of the exhibit and its installation below or on's website, and visit the Chazen Museum of Art's website to plan your visit to this exhibition.