Heavy Machinery Hauling & Transport

Our modern and diverse fleet of trucks and trailers offer a nationwide heavy-haul capacity of up to 85-tons, and the ability to move product worldwide. We have experience moving equipment weighing over 300 tons. Additionally, our fork-trucks and gantry systems have 40-ton capacities, and our lift capacity is 600 tons.

Our specialized equipment helps us get the job done right. The Versa-Lift 40/60 fork truck is a prime example. With the frame retracted, it shrinks to the size of a 20,000 pound fork truck to easily maneuver through small areas. With the frame extended, the same fork truck can easily pick up 60,000 pounds. The detachable riggers boom adds further flexibility, allowing it to pick pieces from above.

Using the Traksporter, we can move heavy machinery in very tight spaces. And, although we have the latest in moving technology, we know when to accomplish the job using time-tested methods. Our 120 years of experience allow us to safely and efficiently complete your heavy moving project.

Our extensive history and experience supports our reputation as machinery moving experts. Since 1888, Reynolds Transfer and Storage has moved the largest machines through the tightest corners of Madison and beyond. Successful companies throughout the Midwest rely on Reynolds Transfer for heavy equipment hauling services done safely and efficiently. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff complete heavy hauling jobs effectively, whether removing a generator or installing a transformer. Our large warehouse and yard space can store your large equipment for a few days, months, or even years.